VIAT Sports Hall

OSG is thrilled to collaborate once again with Valley Invicta Academies Trust, this time to complete the ambitious programme for a 12-court sports hall on their Maidstone campus - expanding sporting opportunities for three schools

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OSG is delighted to be working with Valley Invicta Academies Trust on their ambitious programme for a 12-court sports hall on their Maidstone campus. We completed Phase 1 of the programme in 2020, providing the school with a 6 court facility, but with Valley Park School, Invicta Grammar, and School of Science and Technology now sharing the campus, it became evident that with three schools utilising the sporting facilities, 6 courts were insufficient. The extension of the existing hall will enable the delivery of a comprehensive sports curriculum for all three schools.

Project Details

  • Project Name

  • VIAT Sports Hall
  • Location

  • Maidstone
  • Client

  • Valley Invicta Academies Trust
  • Project Value

  • TBC
  • Completion details

  • Phase 1 completed 2020, Phase 2 on site to December '23
  • Project Team

  • Contractor: Abbott Construction

    RIBA Stages: 0-7

Project delivery

Following a successful planning consent, construction work is currently underway on-site. The extension to the existing sports hall will seamlessly integrate with the existing building, utilising light grey aluminum wall paneling on the upper level and roof, along with cream blockwork. This cohesive design approach ensures a visually harmonious addition while meeting the functional needs of the expanding campus.

Expanding sporting opportunities for three schools

By providing a full-scale sports hall, the project aims to enhance sporting opportunities for students across all three schools. The new facilities will support a comprehensive sports curriculum, allowing students to participate in a wide range of athletic activities and competitions. The seamless integration of the extension ensures a unified campus experience, promoting collaboration and a sense of shared community among the schools.


It is a pleasure to be invited to work with Valley Invicta Academies Trust once again to complete this project to expand their sporting facilities. We are proud to part of the team contributing to the enhancement of the sporting curriculum that will undoubtedly have an impact across all three schools.

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