Stagecoach Bus Depot

A comprehensive new depot for Stagecoach Bus UK.

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OSG Architecture were approached by local contractor, W.W.Martin, who had been commissioned to construct a new depot for Stagecoach Bus UK. The project involved designing a comprehensive facility that included an external bus wash and parking area, an internal bus servicing garage and MOT area, and associated office spaces, changing areas, staff mess rooms, and training room to create a functional and efficient depot that could accommodate the servicing and maintenance needs of up to seven buses simultaneously, operating 24 hours a day.

Project Details

  • Project Name

  • Stagecoach Bus Depot
  • Location

  • Herne Bay
  • Client

  • Stagecoach Bus UK
  • Project Value

  • £6 Million
  • Completion details

  • Completed
  • Project Team

  • Contractor: WW Martin Ltd
    Engineer: Alan Baxter Partnership
    Civils: GTA Civils
    RIBA Stages: 0-7

facility requirements

The Stagecoach Bus UK depot project presented OSG Architecture with several key requirements to be addressed:

External Bus Wash and Parking Area:
OSG designed an external area specifically for bus washing and parking. This space was strategically located to allow for easy access and manoeuvrability of the buses during the washing process. The design included appropriate drainage systems and incorporated environmentally friendly practices to minimize water usage and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Internal Bus Servicing Garage and MOT Area:
To accommodate the servicing and maintenance needs of Stagecoach buses, we designed a spacious and well-equipped internal garage area. The design considered efficient workflow and ease of movement for buses and staff. The garage was equipped to handle up to seven buses simultaneously, providing ample space for repairs, inspections, and maintenance tasks. Additionally, an MOT area was incorporated to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Office Spaces and Support Facilities:
To cater for administrative functions and staff well-being, our design included integrated office spaces, changing areas, staff mess rooms, and training rooms within the depot. The office spaces were designed to support managerial and administrative activities, while the changing areas cater to the needs of drivers and staff. The inclusion of staff mess rooms allows for comfortable breaks and social interactions, promoting a positive work environment. Training rooms were provided to facilitate ongoing staff development and education.

design considerations

OSG Architecture prioritised the following design considerations throughout the project:

Functional layout and operational efficiency

The design focused on optimising the layout to ensure efficient movement of buses and staff within the depot. Consideration was given to minimising congestion points, providing clear pathways, and maximising the utilisation of available space.

OSG worked closely with W.W.Martin and Stagecoach Bus UK to understand their operational requirements and workflows. The design incorporates features and equipment to streamline maintenance processes, enhance productivity, and minimise downtime.

Safety and compliance for 24-hour operation

Safety was paramount in the design of the depot. OSG integrated safety measures, such as adequate lighting, emergency exits, and fire suppression systems, to ensure a secure working environment. Compliance with industry regulations and local building codes was also a key focus, particularly in the design of the MOT area.

Understanding the round-the-clock operational nature of the facility, we accounted for factors such as lighting, security, and accessibility in the design. Special attention was given to creating a well-lit and secure environment for staff working during nighttime hours.


A successful collaboration with W.W.Martin to design a new depot for Stagecoach Bus UK that met their specific operational requirements and created a functional and efficient depot. The completed facility provides Stagecoach Bus UK with the necessary infrastructure to service and maintain their buses, ensuring smooth operations and the continued provision of reliable transportation services.

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