Driftwood Mews

Achieving Net Zero Carbon - A pioneering residential development for Westgate-on-Sea, setting a sustainable benchmark for future development in the area.

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In 2020, our client, Square Circle Developments, secured permission to transform a former furniture factory in Westgate-on-Sea into a sustainable development consisting of 23 net zero-carbon dwellings. The approved scheme will revitalise the area, replacing an industrial eyesore with high-quality, eco-friendly homes within walking distance of Westgate town, the beach, and local amenities. Our client was very keen to set a precedent for future developments in the area.


Square Circle Developments approached OSG in 2022 with the challenge of delivering the technical design for the approved net zero carbon development. The task has involved finding a delicate balance between fabric performance and renewable energy solutions while adhering to the design philosophy and staying within budget and area viability. Complicating matters, was the post-pandemic volatile materials market, which presented additional challenges.

Project Details

  • Project Name

  • Driftwood Mews - Phase 1
  • Location

  • Westgate-on-Sea
  • Client

  • Square Circle Developments
  • Project Value

  • tbc
  • Completion details

  • Phase 1 on site to November 2023
  • Project Team

  • Contractor: Square Circle Developments

    Engineer: Wilsons Canterbury

    QS: AP Cost & Gleeds

    M&E: MD Electrical

    Building Compliance: SEA

    Building Control: Harwood

    RIBA Stages 4-5 (Phase 1) Stages 3-5 (Phase 2)

Design Development

Phase 1 of this project which comprises 12 two-bedroom dwellings and is due to be completed by September 2023. We continue to work with Square Circle Developments to deliver Phase 2, consisting of 11 additional dwellings. The highlight of Phase 2 is the incorporation of a unique design element that replicates the original industrial building's form. OSG's redesign efforts have focused on enhancing unit amenities while ensuring the project's long-term viability.

The 23 dwellings are constructed using sustainable timber frames with slate roofing. Each unit features air source heat pumps, EV charging points and MVHR (mechanical heat ventilation recovery) to ensure the air does not become stale in these thermally efficient and air-tight homes, but that outgoing heat in the air is recovered and used to warm the incoming air. These renewables are complemented by solar panels and some units also have waste water heat recovery systems. This integration of renewable energy solutions aims to minimise the development's carbon footprint and operational costs.


This scheme will be a pioneering net zero carbon development for Westgate. By skillfully balancing fabric performance and renewables, the project demonstrates that sustainability, design, and financial viability can coexist. OSG are proud to have been involved in this ambitious project that will serve as a sustainability benchmark for future developments in the region, showcasing how the transformation of a former industrial site can positively impact the community and the environment.

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