Cliff Road

This unique, bespoke dwelling epitomises the spirit of those who aspire to create their own high-quality home.

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OSG were approached by a discerning homeowner, to provide architectural services for a replacement dwelling on a site he had just purchased situated in Hythe. This site, elevated with commanding vistas encompassing the town and the southerly coastline, provided a unique canvas for the creation of a bespoke home tailored to the client's vision.

Project Details

  • Project Name

  • Cliff Road
  • Location

  • Hythe
  • Client

  • Mr Glover
  • Project Value

  • Undisclosed
  • Completion details

  • Planning and technical design completed 2022 - construction underway
  • Project Team

  • Self-build

    RIBA Stage 0-5

Innovative Design

The culmination of this collaboration is an exciting and innovative architectural design, thoughtfully organised into three distinct terrace levels. The frontage, unassuming in its single-storey scale, opens up to reveal a spacious living room and an adjoining external terrace. The central layer houses the kitchen and dining areas, with the lowest and most private layer predominantly dedicated to bedrooms. Each level boasts its own outdoor terrace spaces, permitting a variety of perspectives and experiences. The exterior treatments vary between layers, providing a dynamic and visually appealing façade.

Construction details and Specification

Noteworthy is our client's decision to oversee the building process as a self-builder. This endeavour exemplifies a commitment to creating a home that aligns precisely with his desires. The project's structural framework will rest on a robust steel base with concrete floor decks, ensuring durability and longevity. Above this, a timber SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system will form the superstructure, marrying energy efficiency with a comfortable living environment. This fabric-first approach underscores the project's commitment to sustainability and highlights the client's unwavering dedication to creating a high-quality, bespoke dwelling that resonates with the stunning setting.


OSG are privileged to have worked with the client on this exciting project, which continues to progress on-site and when complete will result in an exceptional residence that is testament to our client’s commitment to creating a unique property where the outcome is a balance of architecture, nature, and personal aspiration. This bespoke dwelling epitomises the spirit of those who aspire to create their own high-quality home, while respecting the topography and environment.

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