Student Insights - Anthony Mazeli

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Student Insights - Anthony Mazeli

“Working in practice last year made my design process more efficient this semester and I walked away with a distinction.”

Q&A with Anthony – Part 1 Graduate, Architectural Assistant at OSG 2021-22

Q. How has your placement year at OSG helped you with your studies?

A. My placement at OSG helped to sharpen my decision-making ability during early concept development. I can explore design feasibility options more efficiently now and move on to the latter design stages.

Q. What was the most beneficial skill you learned while working at OSG?

A. Revit was the most beneficial skill I learned during my placement. The office has largely moved to use Revit over AutoCAD, and this was beneficial to me as I wanted to become more proficient at using the software.

Q. What advice would you give placement students about applying for their placement?

A. My advice would be to determine what your future goals are in the profession and decide whether the types of projects run by the practice can help you achieve them. Do not be afraid to pick up a phone and call the office asking for work opportunities.

Q. How does your placement experience compare to that of your peers?

A. My peers had varying experiences, some worked in conservation, and some in real estate offices as in-house designers. Few had the opportunity to explore technical details in RIBA Stage 4. It is difficult to see a project to completion if you are only working for a year unless it is small-scale.

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