The Goods Shed, Faversham

OSG were commissioned by Chavereys and George Wilson Holdings to design a solution to refurbish an existing engine shed, currently used as office space, update the building and create additional internal space, whilst retaining the unique character of the building. The building is Grade 2 listed and built circa 1858 for the East Kent Railway Line. It is part of a group of former railways buildings in the area which have been refurbished and adapted to ensure the historic buildings continue to have a practical use.

Our design includes internal reconfigurations, including a mezzanine level for future installation, new enclosed offices and new double height, frameless glazing at either end of the building, whilst retaining the original features, including the large timber doors for engine access and internal crane and scales. Part of the approved design also includes for the removal of the existing raised floor to reinstate the form of the original building.

Specific challenges and unique considerations for this design were minimising the visual impact of the alterations on the external appearance of the building. Special consideration was given to the large glazed arches at either end of the building and the detailing in front of these openings. The challenge for the mezzanine level was to provide a detail where the floor could not be seen through the windows. This is achieved with a mezzanine designed as a stand-alone steel frame with a chamfered detail where it abuts the external walls and  glazed panels in the mezzanine floor where it runs past the windows.

Planning permission has been granted and work started on site in November 2021 and is due to complete in April 2022. Once complete, the works will enhance the building as a new fit-for-purpose modern office, increasing the current internal floor space from 335m2 by an additional 117m2, whilst also improving on previous alterations to achieve a finished outcome that is closer to the original appearance of the building.

On site to April '22
Converted railway goods shed with mezzanine delivered by OSG Architecture
Converted railway Goods Shed
Reconfiguration of former railway goods shed
Interior reconfiguration of former railway goods shed

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