A Memorable Night in London: Raising Awareness for Porchlight

At OSG, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community and beyond. On a chilly October Friday evening, OSG Director, Dan, and Architectural Technician, Lewis, took part in a sponsored sleepout to raise awareness and funds for Kent’s largest homeless charity, Porchlight. They joined forces with ten other dedicated individuals, including Directors and team members from Shaptor Capital, B&M and Carter Jonas, for a sponsored sleepout in London.

The event kicked off just before 6pm, with Dan and Lewis being the first to arrive at the designated location. Porchlight’s dedicated team was on hand to greet them and set the stage for this eye-opening experience. The chosen site was a rubble-covered backyard, a place that many homeless individuals might consider a safe spot for the night. It was here that Dan and Lewis received invaluable guidance from the Porchlight team on how to select a sleeping spot for the night, taking into account factors such as wind direction and the presence of foxes. As the first to arrive, they were able to secure the best spot, just as a homeless person would.

Jane’s stories were both humbling and eye-opening, serving as a powerful reminder of the hardships faced by those living on the streets.

Dan Town, OSG Director

With some cardboard in hand, Dan and Lewis set up their sleeping area, and their shelters looked impressive at the beginning of the night. However, as the evening wore on and the dew descended, the cardboard lost its rigidity, becoming damp and soggy. This was an early indication of the discomfort and challenges that lay ahead.

Once others had arrived and set out their sleeping areas, a fire was lit, and the sleepout participants, along with supporting families had the privilege of hearing from a couple of former homeless individuals. These firsthand accounts added a profound layer of meaning to the sleepout, shedding light on the importance of the cause and the urgent need to address homelessness. One of the speakers, Jane, who now works for Porchlight, had experienced homelessness for a staggering 20+ years. Her stories were both humbling and eye-opening, serving as a powerful reminder of the hardships faced by those living on the streets.

Throughout the night, Dan and Lewis found it exceedingly difficult to sleep. Discomfort and a heightened state of alertness to unfamiliar noises and the occasional visit from foxes kept them on edge. Despite the exhaustion and challenges they faced, both returned to the comforts of the OSG Studio the following week with a profound sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, knowing that they had participated in a memorable experience that would make a difference in the lives of homeless individuals.

If you would like to donate to help Porchlight continue their amazing work in this area you can do so via our Just Giving page

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